talking like tweeting

Team Transparency. Private Twitter for Work.

Capire is team communication based on feed subscription.
It's private twitter for work, for communication in group.

It gives advantage in concise messaging by discouraging formality, and enhances agility using feed and follow approach. One can tweak the feed for ever-changing projects, focuses, and pure interests without being tied to a fixed membership structure, such as chat rooms, channels, or mailing lists.

All messages are fully reachable through @mention and #hashtag, which also avoid complications derived from Cc and Bcc.

In favor of brevity, one interacts with minimal actions and artifacts for concise and effective conversation.
- Send list and event without formatting text
- Confirm and acknowledge by tapping and no typing
- Respond to list / event, and view the result, in one tap
- Bookmark during feed browsing, and respond later

Capire brings private invite-only spaces for your teams
- the town square where everyone connects.


Everything is in the open for everyone to read.
Let the information finds its own best use.
Let people connect and mesh for the best conversations.
Empower people.


Everyone tweaks the feed by who to follow at any time.
When the focus moves, the feed shall follows at will.
By project, by role, or by mood.
Decide what you read.


Exchange only the worthy, just a tap away.
Often we need only a conclusion, or a whiteboard shot.
A quick vote, a few action items, a simple "Got it".
Get only essentials.



Freely search any message sent in the Space,
by Keyword, Mention, or Hashtag,
and ready the thread around it.

Lists & Ticks

Quickly create lists without typing bullets nor numbers.
Make them tickable as single or multiple choices.
See which are ticked by people, per list entry.

Ad-Hoc Spaces

Create dedicated and private space any time.
For team at work, or community you build.
Invite only by admin, pick your admins.

Calendar & Events

Share an event on your calendar, or create one here.
Add event shared in the message to you calendar.
Save if interested, no pressure.

One Tap Acknowledge

Acknowledge and confirmation are most common of all.
One tap is all is takes - to give it and view all the ones who did.
Just tap Capire.

Bookmarks & Mentions

Read and filter first, then process the one picked altogether.
See if anything beyond the feed yet is about you.
Find it here. Do it later.

Let’s Capire.

Got feedback?
Write to @capire inside Capire.